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Do you long to feel connected to your partner but don't know where to begin? We understand that struggling in your relationship can feel painful...

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At Sunshine Coast Couples Clinic

we understand how important it is to seek specialised help for your relationship. We offer Gottman Method Couples Therapy in both weekly and intensive two day formats. Individual Therapy is also available as we understand that sometimes addressing our own personal and mental health issues is an important step in improving our relationship.  Madonna Hirning, the Director of Sunshine Coast Couples Clinic is a Certified Gottman Couples Therapist and Leader of the 2 Day Gottman Art and Science of Love Workshop for couples which she facilitates here on the Sunshine Coast. Get in touch today to enquire about Couples or Individual Therapy or to book your place at our next Art and Science of Love Workshop.

Our Services


Couples Therapy

We are passionate about working with couples to process past hurts, address current issues, develop a deeper understanding of each other and to learn new ways of communicating and managing conflict. In our work with couples we use Gottman Method Couples Therapy, an evidence based approach that begins with a full assessment process to ensure we fully understand the issues you are experiencing. To avoid long waits between appointments we book your assessment process and a series of weekly appointments ranging from 2 hours to 90 minutes in length. Couples Therapy is available in both face to face and online formats.


Couples Therapy Intensive

Our Director and Certified Gottman Therapist Madonna Hirning specialises in a unique form of couples therapy - known as Intensive or Marathon Couples Therapy. This form of therapy is conducted over two full days and can be useful if you are really struggling in your relationship and want time to go deep without being rushed by the clock.   A comprehensive assessment of your relationship and the issues you are experiencing will be conducted before your intensive leaving the full two days for you to work with the most challenging aspects of your relationship and developing the skills you need to create lasting change.  


Individual Therapy

Whether you are seeking individual therapy to assist you to better manage personal or mental health issues that are impacting your relationship, or are just looking for help to thrive in your life, we can help.  Psychologist Ellen Wright is experienced in assisting clients with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, stress, emotional regulation and relationship issues. Medicare rebates for individual therapy are available if you have a current Mental Health Care Plan from your GP.


Relationship Workshops

Madonna is excited to be able to offer the two day Gottman Art and Science of Love Workshop for couples. This interactive workshop is a blend of learning the secrets the science of what it takes to build a good relationship as established from decades of research and interactive learning of new skills alongside your partner under the guidance of Certified Gottman Therapists. This workshop has been found to produce results similar to 6 months of marital therapy and is suitable for almost all couples in a committed relationship.

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Gottman Method Couples  Therapy

Gottman Method Couples Therapy is widely regarded worldwide as a gold standard approach to Couples Therapy. Based on many decades of research by the Gottman Institute in Seattle which is ongoing today, this approach has been proven to be effective in repairing hurt, improving commodification and managing conflict. Gottman Method Couples Therapy helps couples to develop skills in all of these areas to enable them to maintain the changes they make over time, independent of the couples therapist.


Sunshine Coast Couples Clinic Director Madonna Hirning was the first Certified Gottman Therapist on the Sunshine Coast. Madonna is also a facilitator of the world recognised Gottman Art and Science of Love Workshop for couples. Click here to find out more about The Art and Science of Love Workshops facilitated by Madonna including dates and links to register for our next workshop.


To find out more about the research behind Gottman Method Couples Therapy go to:

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Madonna Hirning, Psychologist & Certified Gottman Therapist

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