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2 Day Intensive Marriage & Relationship Workshops Sunshine Coast

Updated: Mar 21

At Sunshine Coast Couples Clinic, we're passionate about helping couples strengthen their relationships and create a deep connection.

Our 2 day couples therapy workshop (“The Art & Science of Love”) is designed to help you manage conflict with your partner in a healthy, positive way.

This workshop is led by Madonna Hirning, a Certified Gottman Therapist and Psychologist and Director of Sunshine Coast Couples Clinic.

Let’s explore how our 2 day couples therapy workshop can help you to reconnect, and take a look at some common signs that suggest your relationship could benefit from our workshop.

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About The Art and Science of Love Workshop

Scheduled for the 2nd and 3rd of March 2024 at Mantra Mooloolaba Beach, Please add the days.

From 9 am to 5 pm each day, couples will engage in presentations and activities based on over 40 years of research with thousands of couples.

The 2 day couples therapy workshop (“The Art & Science of Love”) is suitable for couples of all ages, abilities, marital statuses, and orientations.

It's an ideal setting for couples at various stages, whether newly engaged, married, or those facing challenges in their relationship​​​​.

This workshop was made for Sunshine Coast couples that are looking to improve or enhance their connection or manage conflicts constructively.

When Is It: 2nd and 3rd of March 2024

Who Is It For: Sunshine Coast couples looking to enhance their connection and deal with relationship conflicts in a more constructive way.

What Is The Cost: $1190 per couple

Where Is It: Mantra Mooloolaba Beach, located at 7 Venning St, Mooloolaba QLD 4557.

How To Contact Us: Call 0406 211 587

What You Will Learn

The workshop is structured to cover 2 main aspects of a relationship:

Day 1 How to Build Friendship & Connection:

You and your partner will learn how to improve and increase respect, affection and closeness in your relationship. We guide you through ways to stay focussed on improving your friendship with your partner and how to express respect and affection effectively.

Day 2 – Conflict Management in a Relationship:

Develop your problem-solving skills, including the six skills for effective conflict resolutions

Learn conflict management and ways to maintain a healthy and happy relationship, even during disagreements.

This workshop will give you with a deeper understanding of your relationship and a plan of action for repair.

Additional Skills You Will Learn

Recognise and address the 'Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse' in your marriage, identify your relationship's strengths, understand the effects of physiological flooding, use the Fondness and Admiration System, create an Emotional Bank Account, and develop effective problem-solving skills​​.

What Is The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is a scientifically-focused method for improving relationships. The techniques of the Gottman Method are research-based, helping partners to strengthen their relationship and handle conflicts that arise in a healthy way. This helps to create a safer, and more healthy relationship, particularly in times of conflict.

Madonna Hirning, director of Sunshine Coast Couples Clinic and the leader of our 2 day couples therapy workshop (“The Art & Science of Love”), is a Certified Gottman Couples Therapist.

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Is it Time To Reconnect with your Partner?

If you're wondering whether this workshop is for you, it is important to first take stock of your relationship. Look at for these common signs that show it may be time for you to reconnect with your partner:

Do you Have Communication Challenges In your Relationship?

If you find it hard to express your feelings or understand your partner’s perspective, this workshop offers tools to improve communication.

Are you Having troubles Resolving Conflicts?

For those who find themselves stuck in repetitive arguments or unable to resolve conflicts, the workshop provides strategies to break the cycle.

Want to learn how to rekindle Intimacy?

If the spark has disappeared in your relationship, this intensive Gottman couples workshop can help find and reignite the passion and intimacy.

Have you drifted apart in your relationship?

For couples who feel they have drifted apart, the Gottman therapy workshop offers ways to rebuild and strengthen their connection.

Register Online Now

For $1190 per couple, not only do you get full access to the 2 day Gottman couples therapy workshop, but the cost also includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea for both days, and an Art and Science of Love Couples Pack.

Please note that accommodation is not included, but a discount at Mantra Mooloolaba Beach is available for workshop participants.

To secure your place in this relationship-changing experience, register online now at our website. Take this step towards enriching your relationship and experience a renewed sense of love and understanding with your partner. Book online today.

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What Couples Say About Our Gottman Therapy Workshop

Don’t just take out word for it, take a look at what other couples have to say about our 2 day Gottman couples therapy workshop on the Sunshine Coast.

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