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3 Signs That Couples Therapy Intensive Is Right For You

In relationships, challenges and hurdles are par for the course. However, when these hurdles start to feel like they are around for too long, or too difficult to sort on your own, it may be time to consider professional help. Our couples therapy intensives offer a deep-dive approach that can help partners navigate through their issues effectively and in a much faster manner than traditional couples therapy.

In this article we will be exploring:

  • 3 signs you might need couples therapy

  • How our two day couples therapy intensives work

  • Faqs about couples therapy

Constant Arguing

If you find that every conversation turns into a battlefield, it's a sign that communication has broken down. Constant arguing over the same issues without resolution wears down the emotional bond between partners. Our couples therapy intensives provide a safe space for couples to explore these conflicts with an experienced psychologist, understand their root causes, and develop strategies to resolve them constructively.

Communication Feels Strained

When communication feels like walking on eggshells, with every word measured for fear of sparking conflict, it's a clear sign that the relationship is under strain. Couples therapy intensives focus on rebuilding communication channels, teaching you and your partner effective ways to express yourselves openly and honestly, without fear of judgement.

Trust Issues

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. When it's compromised, whether through infidelity, dishonesty, or even just a series of small let downs, it can be challenging to rebuild. Intensive couples therapy sessions are designed to address trust issues head-on, helping couples to understand and forgive, and work together towards rebuilding a solid foundation of trust.

Our Two Day Couples Therapy Intensive

At the Sunshine Coast Couples Clinic, our two-day couples therapy intensive is structured to help partners work through their issues in a professional, concentrated & focused environment, led by a couples therapy psychologist. This type of therapy is ideal for couples who feel stuck in a cycle of negativity, offering them the tools and strategies they need to move forward.

Madonna Hirning, a professional psychologist and Certified Gottman Therapist, utilises proven Gottman Therapy techniques to:

  • Help you learn to communicate in more effective and less damaging ways

  • Enable you to talk about conflict areas in a calmer way to help you both feel more heard and understood

  • Deepen your understanding of each other

  • Strengthen your bond and leave you feeling more connected as a couple

  • Improve your intimate connection

  • Identify shared values and dreams

  • Put mechanisms in place that will help safeguard the progress you have made and build ongoing connection

Cost & Key Details:

Cost: $4500, with an additional $500 for each weekend or Public Holiday day booked.

FAQs About Our Intensive Couples Therapy

Who is couples therapy for? What can you expect from our two-day couples therapy intensives? Let's answer some common questions about couples therapy.

Who is couples therapy intensive for?

It's for any couple facing challenges that feel too big to handle alone, whether you're married, de-facto,engaged, or dating. 

What can we expect from the two-day intensive?

Expect to engage in deep, structured conversations guided by a professional therapist, aimed at uncovering the root causes of your issues and working towards resolution.

Can an intensive help if we've tried traditional therapy before?

Yes, intensives can offer new insights and breakthroughs, especially if traditional weekly sessions haven't led to the desired changes or if you're facing new challenges. Our couples intensives help you to deal with problems in the moment, rather than dragging on over several months in weekly sessions.

Contact Us Today

If you recognise any of these signs in your relationship, it might be time to consider a couples therapy intensive. At the Sunshine Coast Couples Clinic, we're committed to helping couples find their way back to each other, with compassion, understanding, and professional guidance. Our director, Madonna Hirning, is a certified expert in Gottman Therapy and an experienced psychologist ready to help you navigate relationship conflict.

To learn more or to book your two day couples intensive session, reach out to us today. Together, we can work towards healing and strengthening your relationship.

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